We are a group of passionate women who are creating a collective for disappearing artisans. Women of the Future is an Art-led organization that trains and supports artisans in dying arts and crafts in order to revive these dying skills and sustain them as an independent economy.

We are a social enterprise and we will be donating 10% of our profit to Women + Children Charity which aims to provide safe haven for Women and Children who have been victim.

Women Of Future 2.0

A collection of 1000 powerful women hand-drawn and randomly generation, who are cruising the blockchain and living in the Metaverse. Kind yet sassy, they are here to create an inclusive NFT Community while making it a safe and fighting end violence against women.

The Collection is fitted with handdrawn traits, hand-drawnand  stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Women Of Future Genesis Soldout

The Genesis collection of strong women that are all uniquely designed, 1/1 ultra-rare collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. These are the strongest and most awesome women, with designs changing in every 20 drops and perks for the holders.

Women Of Future is an Art-Led organization. Our Goal s to close the gap between Web2 and Web3 artists. We believe that Web3 is a powerful technology that can help revive dying craft that is on brink of extinction.

👉 10%: Our First Milestone

We want to show our love to our 10 early adopters and will Airdrop them 1/1 Hand-drawn artwork by the Artist (Rima Singh)

🙏 25%: We Are Getting There

We will develop a collaboration with an Indian Artisan or Artisans to develop merchandise We will consider other business collaborations relevant to the unique nature of the WoF collection We will establish the Women in Future Club, which will be a subscription membership for the WoF NFT and Fashion Collections. Members of the Club will be offered opportunities to purchase WoF NFTs and merchandise at discount prices.

♥️ 50%: Meet Me Halfway

We will offer to buy back the Genesis collection from holders at x2 purchase price if they wish to sell We will make our first 5% donation to Guria India The Women in Future Club will promote its merchandise through a fashion show in Decentraland We will share possible merchandise collections with our Women of Future Clube members and seek feedback

75%: Looking Towards the Horizon

Women of Future Merch will be launched and promoted through the Women of Future Club Store A Merchandise PR campaign will be developed Women of Future Club will establish connections with relevant merchandise houses that reflect the unique designs of the collection

🏳️ 80%: Gearing up for the Future

Genesis and Collection holders will be given access to exclusive merchandise. A new 1/1 collection will be released with 5% of sales being returned to holders

💪🏾 100%: Building a Sustainable Business

The Women of Future Club will develop a business plan for future growth 5% since of the 50% target will be donated to ActionAid Association Charity Organization from Our Primary Sale. A Metaverse Building Journey will be considered as part of the business plan

Our Artwork

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